Kota Wisata

Downtown Madison

Downtown Madison is a place to be extraordinary. Carrying the first concept of Alfresco Terrace in Kota Wisata, this commercial area fits perfectly for stylish and trendy community, and has maximum potential for business starters or opening new branch for your store.


Floor Plan


Downtown Madison - Type 2 Lantai Standard
Pondasi : Tiang Pancang
Struktur Utama : Beton Bertulang
Dinding : Bata Merah Plester & Aci
Lantai : Homogenous Tile
Plafon : Papan Gypsum
Sanitair : American Standard / Setara
Pintu & Jendela : Kusen Alumunium & Kaca Clear
Atap : Atap Metal
Air Bersih : PDAM
Elektrikal : 2200 VA (2 Lantai) & 4400 VA

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