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A luxurious home that gives new meaning to living life to the fullest because nothing is more important than be in harmony with your surrounding & the one you love. Bellwood comes with a luxurious design, selected materials and maximal spacing that gives convenience to your everyday living. Each cluster is surrounded by natural landscape that will provide a serene feeling from the moment you enter the cluster. It is also facilitated with outdoor gym, playground, common area for the residents. Prime location for prime living, perfect location for your integrated living.


Floor Plan


Bellwood - Type 133
Pondasi : Pondasi Pancang
Dinding : Batu Bata diplester & diaci finishing Cat Mowilex atau setara
Lantai : Homogeneous Tile
Atap : Rangka Baja Ringan
Penutup Atap : Genting Beton
Kusen : Kayu & Alumunium
Plafon : Gypsum
Sanitair : Body Keramik ex. TOTO/setara
Air : Standard PDAM
Listrik : 3500/4400 VA
Carport : Granit Sikat dan Keramik

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